Stief is not Stieff


Some people confuse the B. H. STIEF Jewelry Company with THE STIEFF COMPANY

B. H. STIEF Jewelry Company of Nashville Tennessee was not related to The Stieff Company.

Some confuse the companies thinking the STIEF hallmark is soft and is just missing the second F

A 1911 B. H. STIEF Ad

Another STIEF ad, date unknown.

There is no connection between the two companies other than sharing the first 5 letters of a similarly sounding name.


Another confusion seems to be with the

B.S.C. mark and the BSSCO mark

  The Baltimore Sterling Silver Company                 The Barbour Silver Co.   

The Baltimore Sterling Silver Co. was founded in 1892,  located in Baltimore MD and would become

The Stieff Company in 1904

The Barbour Silver Co. was in Hartford CT

1892-1898 Founded by Samuel L. Barbour. Later Barbour Bros. Co and Barbour Hobson Co.  In 1898 this became one the founding companies of International Silver Co.

The BSC mark was used by International Silver through the 1930s and possibly longer. Plated wares were marked BSCEP.

The mark below was also used by BSC.

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