Crystallizing boyhood


In the early 1920’s while the factory was still at 311 Redwood, Stieff published this small guide for well-heeled parents on how to raise their sons and the items that he will be needing along the way to manhood. Of course, Stieff Sterling Silver is amongst the needed refinements. 

The young man on the cover looks very much like a young Charles C. Stieff II who was born in 1922. Shown on the cover with the young man is a bowl and cup in Sterling Silver. Charles C. Stieff II still has these in his home, a gift of the factory workers to him upon his birth.

(just in case the boss couldn’t afford to buy his own)

The language used here is very period for the early 1920’s and the prose is just

a little over the top for my taste. I am sure it was well received by it’s target audience.

From the Kirk-Stieff archives at the Baltimore Museum of Industry



Amazing that a boy might need a shaving brush or a cigar cutter. Rather progressive.

I guess if you have a cigar cutter, you might as well have the match safe or matchbox cover too.

And below, a cigar knife to complete the deal.

Back cover


The booklet is bound with staples and also corded.