Charles C. Stieff & Co.


Charles C. Stieff & Co. was a separate business from the silver company.  Stieff & Co. and another business, H. M. Justice Co. were “jobbers” that represented other companies wares as middle men / wholesalers to merchants. Stieff silver would of course been one of the products offered by the companies.

Offices for the two companies would have been on the upper floors of 17 N. Liberty Street. In 1913, Charles Stieff had a new handsome building erected at 311 Redwood Street. The offices of The Stieff Company as well as The Charles C. Stieff & Co. and J. M. Justice Co. moved to that building.

Below is an article in the March 19th 1919 issue of the Jewelers Circular concerning the sale of Charles C. Stieff & Co.

and J. M. Justice & Co. to Eska Mfg. Co.

Note, The STIEFF Company was NOT a part of the sale.

The yellow highlights are an artifact of the search of  The Jewelers’ Circular.

The August 27th 1919 issue of the Jewelers’ Circular  reports...

Below, Baltimore and Eastern Shore Ferry Line Stock Certificates

listing Charles C. Stieff, President

In an interesting side note, when Charles C. Stieff died in 1923, he did not own any stock in the ferry line of which he had been President. Reason unknown.

Internet searches for the Baltimore and Eastern Shore Ferry Line, come up with

only the  stock certificates shown above. Did the ferry ever sail?