1937 Gideon Stieff’s History of The Stieff COmpany


Below is a handwritten draft of the history of The Stieff Company in the words of Gideon Stieff, President of Stieff.

I have also transcribed the draft into a readable format. I do not know the occasion that he was drafting this history for. 

There was a new catalog out in 1937, so perhaps it was a rough draft for the ad agency to use as  the introduction for that catalog... that said, the material printed in the catalog is not at all like this draft... and at this point we will never know. In October 2010, I found this draft in the records that Kirk-Stieff donated to the Baltimore Museum of Industry when Lenox moved operations to Rhode Island in 2000.

And now, in a more readable form.

Also in the Kirk-Stieff records at The Baltimore Museum of Industry I found the official raised

seal of The Stieff Company.

I made this imprint of the seal while I was at the museum in Oct. 2010.